Protect Your Extended Family With Funeral Cover

A death in the family can shake you to your core. For your family, the financial implications could be even more devastating. Many of us are responsible, not only for the care of our immediate family but for our extended family too. As such, we are faced with having to find answers to difficult questions. Can my funeral policy cover everyone? Can I take care of my whole family?

This is why funeral insurance for extended family members is a must for any family that cares. Don’t put off taking out funeral cover for your loved ones. Get a funeral cover policy before it’s too late.

Planning a funeral for a family member isn’t an easy task. After the initial shock, you have to come together as a family and start making the arrangements. The real question then becomes: who is going to pay for it? If you’ve only insured yourself, your spouse and children, there might not be much left for your extended family. With all the cultural and religious practices that need to be honoured, many people are forced to dip into savings or spend more than they can meet these expectations. However, all of this can be avoided. We discuss the funeral cover you should get for your extended family members.


What is Extended Family Funeral Cover?

Extended family funeral policy benefits cover the costs of a funeral should a member of your extended family pass away. “Extended” typically refers to anyone outside of your immediate family. Not only will this cover offer you peace of mind, but this optional policy benefit is also affordable. With this, you only pay one premium for all your chosen family members. Depending on your chosen insurer/insurance provider, some plans are flexible. This means you can personalise your chosen plan and only pay for what you can afford. With a little research and the right insurer, it is possible to find the cheapest funeral cover for extended family.

How Many People Can I Cover?

Many South Africans have large families. This, unfortunately, means we often have to face the possibility of saying a final farewell to many loved ones. This sad reality involves all sorts of unexpected funeral expenses. Many insurance providers give you the option of covering more than 10 people on one plan. This eliminates the daunting task of having to choose, who can be under the cover and who can’t.

Are Your Currently Covered Enough?

Most insurers have a standard amount in which they cover your loved ones. Depending on the insurer, you can get funeral cover for extended family members that offers additional benefits outside of the cover amount. This will also be dependent on your family’s needs and the type of benefits you’re interested in. Also, think about how much cover each member is insured for. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of your policy.

Should You Get Family Funeral Cover?

The answer is yes. You must have funeral insurance for your family. Financial planning will ensure that your loved ones are protected financially. Many people don’t consider the post-funeral expenses. A tombstone unveiling is sometimes held a year after the burial, and some unveilings are more expensive than the funeral itself.

If your family isn’t financially prepared, you may have to resort to a loan or paying for it out of your pocket. With cover for extended family members, it’s possible to afford these costs.

If your family is not limited to your spouse and children, consider looking into cheap funeral cover for extended family. You don’t want to be robbed of giving your loved one a proper funeral. Make the change today and cover your extended family. Get a quote today!