When Should You Consult A Lawyer?

When it comes to legal issues, you never want to wait until it’s too late. Whether it’s a car accident or unfair dismissal, you need legal cover. A last-minute legal consultation isn’t free, and it isn’t cheap. As much as you might not want to see a lawyer, some situations might require you to see one straight away. Best not to let yourself get caught off-guard. So, when is the right time to call your legal counsel?

When to call a lawyer

When a car accident occurs, the first thing that comes to mind is your wellbeing as well as that of your passengers. What follows is assessing the damage to your car as well as the other one involved in the accident. If the other party is the cause of the accident, the car accident claim will be their responsibility.

In a situation where the other party claims not to have insurance and refuse to take responsibility for the accident, most people call their insurance provider and log a claim as this is the quickest way to get their car fixed. Legal services would be required in cases where the other party is the one that caused the accident.

In a situation where you’re injured in the accident and the other party refuses to pay for anything, having legal insurance can help you cover the medical and car damage costs. You might not be able to make a call directly to your lawyer, but a consultation would need to be scheduled soon thereafter. The last thing you want is to wait too long before calling your lawyer as this can jeopardise your case in the long run – timing is everything.

The importance of consulting your lawyer ASAP

The main reason you should see a lawyer soon after the accident is because you can still remember everything. As time passes, it becomes more of a challenge to recall everything that happened. Details become difficult to pinpoint and that makes it difficult for your lawyer to assist you with your case. Sometimes injuries related to the accident only develop much later, which makes it harder to argue without a lawyer as nothing will be documented to prove the facts of your case. This is why, if you’re injured in an accident, you must consult your lawyer immediately to avoid missing important information and details.

Why Legal Insurance Cover is Essential

These days, legal insurance cover is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. No one wants to experience a run-in with the law that can leave you broke and in some situations with a criminal record. And legal consultation costs per hour, easily amount to thousands of Rands. Should you find yourself in a criminal or labour-related issue, a lawyer can file the necessary documents on your behalf and represent you at every step of your case. The same applies to representation at a family court – legal insurance assists in saving you exorbitant amounts of money while providing the required legal assistance. With legal cover, the only thing you can’t afford is an excuse not to get the law on your side.