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    The world of cell phones is quite competitive, with so many deals it sometimes becomes harder to find a deal that works for you. The trick then becomes, what deal works for you and where can you get such deals? Which network has the best coverage and adheres to the #datamustfall dilemma? Isibaya Deals can put you in touch with a smartphone comparison site so that you can find a smartphone contract that suits you and your needs best.


    The introduction of the iPod changed things in the market. Over the years, Apple has successfully proven to be one of the leaders in the cell phone market.

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    Samsung is no stranger to the SA market and a real fan favorite with a number of consumers. Be it cell phones or tablets – Samsung is dominating for different reasons.

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    This is probably one of the most mispronounced devices, however, this brand quickly grew in terms of popularity in the South African market. A big selling point for this brand is the affordability.

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    Phone Deals below R200

    With the rand showing us flames, deals under R200 are now the new thing. Isibaya Deals searched the market and discovered a number of awesome contract deals all under R200 per month! Get a great deal for less and let us be the ones to help you get it!

    Data Deals In South Africa

    Isibaya Deals understands the importance of data and why an affordable data deal is a must for any SA consumer. We put you in touch with a smartphone comparison site that will assist you in the search for a mobile contract that will suit your budget and your lifestyle. Scroll up for the best data bundle contract that’s also affordable – Isibaya Deals has you covered.

    Blacklisted? Don’t worry about it we have a deal for you

    So you’re blacklisted, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a phone deal because you can. The general idea is that if you’re blacklisted, you can’t get a deal with the main cellular providers however – with Isibaya Deals, We work with a few contract providers who are more than willing to cater for blacklisted individuals. There is power in staying connected – we know this better than anyone.


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