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Here’s why every home should have pet medical aid for their animals

Your pet isn’t just an animal, but a significant member of your family and at times a best friend that trumps most humans. Vet bills are not as affordable as one might think, especially when your pet gets sick in the middle of the month when you’re running low on cash. Some medical bills may not come from a simple visit to the vet, but rather from an overnight post-surgery stay. This is when insuring your pet is vital. Below we outline some of the medical aid covers you should consider taking out for your family.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Multiple Pet Discount
  • Do you have more than one pet? When you add one additional pet to your plan, you receive a 15% discount off your monthly premium.
Third Party Liability
  • Preventative measures are important, especially when it comes to pets. Pet Insurance is there to protect against damages to a person or property of a third party caused by your over-excited pet. This way you don't have to worry about your pet overstepping any boundaries.
No waiting period for accidents
  • Accidents are one of those things that one simply cannot control. Contact Isibaya to make sure that your pet is taken care of when life throws you that curve ball.


Get the best Pet Medical Cover for your best friend today

Don’t run out of time better spent with your pets. Sign up for one of our pet insurance plans today and save their life without breaking the bank.

Your Pet Medical Aid options

Choosing medical aid for your family is a must; it should be the same for your pet. With so many options to choose from, finding the ideal plan isn’t as difficult as you might think. With the right pet medical aid, you can rest assured knowing that you’re ready for every illness or injury. Read more about our diverse medical aid options here:

Hospital Cover

Hospital cover includes cover for illnesses as well as accidental injury. What makes these plans ideal is that they cost much less than pet medical aids, since they only cover your pets' hospital stay. However, this does mean you are responsible for costs relating to consultations and medication for your pet.

Basic Pet medical aid

With the basic pet medical aid, your animal is covered for a specified amount in terms of accidental injuries, vet bills and illnesses. These fees also cover the costs of an overnight stay after a treatment or surgery. With the basic pet medical aid, your pet is covered for bills that usually leave you stressed and anxious about your pet's recovery.

Premium Pet Medical Aid Plans

Premium means just that: premium care for your pet with a plan that offers a greater scope of cover. The premium pet medical aid plan is ideal for those, whose pets tend to get sick often or have older pets that require regular treatments. With these plans your animals are covered for illness or accidents. There are instances when your pet needs more than the standard care, so don't compromise on their health for any reason.

Got an out of the ordinary pet? THEN OUR EXOTIC PET COVER IS JUST FOR YOU

If you own a pet more exciting than a cat or dog, we can cover them too! Isibaya is a family that leaves no one out. We have a variety of plans you can choose from to suit the needs of your unique pet.
Pet medical aid is generally divided into 3 different brackets. They are:

Cat And Dog Medical Aid Plans

In South Africa, cats and dogs are the most common pets. Standard pet medical aid plans tend to cater mostly for of their needs, ranging from dietary cover to serious illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Preventative care is also covered in some plans.

Exotic Pet Cover

Calling all exotic pet owners! We understand your love for unusual and wonderful pets – why not get cover that is tailor-made for them? While these plans can be a bit more expensive due to the uniqueness of your animal, exotic pet medical aid is instrumental in catering to the health of your special friend, and even offers you the option to insure your pet against theft.

Equine Insurance

Ask anyone who owns a horse about the costs of maintaining these beautiful creatures and they don't come cheap. From vet bills to stable fees, these are not your typical pet bills and horse insurance. Equine Insurance goes without saying for horse owners. These plans cover the animal's/horse's medical expenses in the case of injury, illness or death.

Get pet medical aid today!

Here’s why pet insurance is a must for all pet owners:

Get treatment options at your disposal

Expensive vet procedures leave pet owners comparing apples with oranges in the hopes of saving money. With a medical plan, you can kiss this confusion good-bye. Your pet can get the care they need, and you still get to be their favorite human – everyone wins!

Control over pet medical bills

Vet bills are a serious expense and if you’re not prepared, you could easily find yourself digging into your savings. A pet medical aid is there to take care of that. Invest today and worry less about the future.

Comprehensive cover all year round

As much as we'd like to be prepared for anything, illnesses and accidents are part of life and we can't always be ready for these. There's always time for one to be financially prepared for the unexpected, with a solid plan in place – your pet can be covered all year round.


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