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Get The Legal Cover You Can Always Count On

Legal fees can be expensive, especially when your lawyer charges by the hour. Having legal cover gives you the advantage of being protected from unforeseen legal costs. Find out how Isibaya Deals can get you legal representation at an affordable price.

Do You Have a lawyer? Here’s Why You Need One

Whether the legal dispute was pursued by you or another party, having legal assistance is important for the following reasons:


Legal Cover Benefits

Starting from R220 per month, you get access to R500,000 worth of professional legal service per year – and up to R5 million for life.

Legal Cover Available in South Africa

Different service providers offer their own diverse plans; however, certain elements remain standard. Depending on the plan, legal cover is available for you, your spouse, and your dependent children, and can be claimed from your legal insurance. This includes criminal, labour, civil, and/or administrative legal procedures. Based on your chosen service provider, your cover and plan will differ as well as the premium you’ve chosen. With a lesser premium, your cover will only offer a smaller financial allowance, whereas, with a larger premium, you will have access to more comprehensive legal cover.

What is Criminal Law

If you are suspected of breaking the law, a criminal lawsuit may be filed against you. This applies in the case of a car accident, or if you are wrongly accused of a crime, for example. All these instances require legal representation, where your innocence will have to be defended and proven in a court of law.

Understanding Civil Law

Civil cases are quite different to a criminal lawsuit. These essentially deal with the proceedings between individuals or in most cases organisations, in which one seeks compensation from the other. Civil cases often include divorce, contractual disputes, and unfair dismissals.

Legal Cover You Can Always Rely On

Legal jargon isn’t the simplest thing to learn and legal fees are no joke. Get your family the legal protection needed for all of life’s unexpected instances. Isibaya is here to assist you and your loved ones to get in touch with the best legal teams!


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