About us

Isibaya Deals is a family and as sacred as a kraal, your family’s needs will always be important to us. As an aggregator website, Isibaya Deals understands the role you play in protecting your lifestyle, your home, your parents and children.

Umndeni matters and having comprehensive insurance allows you to keep taking care of your loved ones. It’s no secret that finding the right insurance provider takes effort and research and there just isn’t enough time in the day for that. However, as a high-quality insurance comparison website, we are here to do the legwork for you to find the right insurance provider for your budget and your lifestyle by gathering quotes from leading insurance companies on your behalf.

In a country as diverse and as rich in culture as ours, the word family has a unique definition. Whether you are married with children and a home or single and single-mindedly pursuing your studies, Isibaya Deals can find you quotes for affordable cover for any stage of life you may find yourself in. Isibaya Deals offers various forms of cover, namely funeral insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and legal cover.

Because looking after a family never stops, financial assistance will also be in need and a priority. A small loan can assist you in achieving your personal goals. And if you find yourself in mounting debt, we can assist in relieving some of that pressure with debt counselling. Our site also offers small loans, debt counselling, affordable mobile phones and contract deals suited for your budget.

Isibaya Deals has a proud history of providing great insurance quotes and loan options. We only work with reputable and reliable insurance providers, so that you receive quotes you can count on. With Isibaya Deals, you can get cover for the things that matter most to you and your family.